Strength 5x5
Strength 5x5
Strength 5x5
Strength 5x5
Strength 5x5
Strength 5x5
Strength 5x5
Strength 5x5
Strength 5x5

Strength 5x5

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Do you want to get Stronger? If so, Strength 5x5 is for you!


Strength 5x5 was designed with the lifter in mind and was built to aid in tracking the well-renowned 5x5 program. It walks you through your sets for exercises like squat, bench press, overhead press, deadlift, and barbell row.


**Before the First Workout**

The app asks you for some information and calculates what it thinks your starting weights should be. It starts light to ensure you build proper form, and have decreased fatigue as you adapt to lifting heavier weights.


**The First Workout**

You select the first workout "A". It walks you through each set of each exercise and allows you to modify what you need to. At the end of each set it starts a timer that lets you know when the next set should start. You can end your workout at any time, but should complete all sets and exercises for the best results.


**After the Workout**

The workout data is presented, statistics are calculated, and an activity gets logged to Garmin Connect. If you nailed the prescribed sets and weight your working weight for next time is increased.


**The Second Workout**

You select the second workout "B" with updated weights and a different set of exercises. You should alternate between workouts A and B roughly every other day so that you fully recover.


**Six Months Later**

You're stronger than all your friends. Even if you started with the bar, you're likely squatting well over 200 lbs now for 5 reps. Go online, laugh at how weak you were before you started.


**Your First Plateau**

If your weight stalls, you can increase the rest period. If you're stuck for two or three workouts, "deload" by reducing the weight by 10-20 percent. Continue again and likely you'll succeed the next time.


**Feature List**

- starting weight calculation

- adjustable working weights

- two pre-defined workouts "A" and "B"

- guides you through sets, reps, and rest for each exercise

- automatic, adjustable, skippable rest timer that vibrates before next set

- stats page with things like 1 Rep Max (RM), record 1RM, and workout volumes

- view previous workout

- Connect integration with stats, and sets logged. ( sets and associated data logged as laps )


Download the app: Connect IQ - Strength 5x5

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